RFID Reading Solutions

Bundle Readers

Tunnels: Patent Pending

Portals: Patent Pending

Positek RFID specializes in volume tracking solutions for the textile maintenance industry. Our bundle readers, tunnels and portals will track thousands of pieces with lightning speed and guaranteed accuracy. Any tagged textile that is loaded onto conveyor belts or into carts, containers, pallets or other bulk moving solutions can be scanned.

Positek RFID offers hanging and folded bundle readers to efficiently and accurately scan textiles. Our tunnel readers attach to standard conveyors and scan RFID tagged items as they pass. Our custom RFID portals scan RFID items in carts, in slings or on pallets – thousands of items can be read within a few seconds.

Large-scale solutions like Positek RFID readers enable companies to process large volumes of textiles quickly and more accurately than any other solution on the market – directly improving the bottom line. Fewer people will do more work in less time.

Positek RFID’s tunnel and portal solutions reduce the amount of time in which items are processed, increasing the efficiency of an operation and decreasing turnaround time for inventory. Filling orders accurately and eliminating shortages means happier customers.

Watch our reading solutions in action: